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Welcome to Saint John's only locally owned independent sleep expert.  Our story begins in 1992 when Dan Gormley set out on a mission to purchase a new mattress for his house.  After shopping at multiple stores in town, he could not find the level of expertise and the quality of product he was looking for.  Dan always thought that a mattress should suit each person properly since we spend so much time in bed.  With this in mind, he set off to open a better mattress store in his hometown of Saint John.  Snoozy's was born out of the need of one individual and over the years, has helped thousands of customers shop better and most importantly, sleep better.  To this day, he still owns the business and can be found in the store almost every day, proving that some passions are forever.   We are about helping people sleep better and still believe that a good night's rest is the most important thing in our busy and stressful lives.

Our personalized approach, combined with our experience and selection, ensures that you get the proper sleep solution for you.  Buying a mattress is easy, sleeping better is much harder. 

Some things change over time and others don't need to because they were great right from the start.  Even now, after 25 years, Snoozy's is proud to still offer you free local delivery & setup for your new purchase.  Let us help you sleep better, have more energy and live a healthier lifestyle.  Come visit us and experience the service you deserve.

 Dan gORmley Owner Snoozy's

Dan Gormley





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